Advantage Points

Web Accounting is a feature rich, fully integrated accounting software package which can either be used over the Internet (cloud computing) or on a server on your Local Area Network at your premises.
The software has 6 major modules namely System Configuration ; General Ledger (Cashbooks and Journals) ; Debtors/ Receivables/ Customers ; Creditors/ Payables/ Suppliers ; Inventory (Service industry, stock and outsourcing) and Job Costing.
Also included are sub-modules like Bill of Materials ; Multi-Warehousing ; Multi-currency ; Serial Number tracking ; Fixed Assets ; Annuity Billing and Case Lots.
Accessing Webaccounting Online is done through a monthly user licence which is allocated to a unique company code. The information in this company is safeguarded and will never be accessible to anyone besides the authorized users.


Easy access to the Webaccounting software from anywhere in the world via Internet Explorer. That’s right -  All you need to experience online, secure accounting is Webaccounting & the Internet Explorer browser!

Robust Design

Webaccounting software has been honed from the latest, enterprise grade technologies.  No more data files left unknowingly on computers. Accknowledge Systems has utilised a comprehensive, highly skilled team of developers to produce Webaccounting over many years.

One Accounting 
Software For Life

Suitable for small, medium and large businesses.  Grow with the Webaccounting software from single to multiple users, while saving on multiple installations, training and down times.

Merging Business Principles With 
Accounting Rules

Extensive standard and add-on features allow most business to merge their processes into a structured and auditable accounting package. Core management features ensure a 24/7 birds-eye view of one or many companies, with up to the minute information sharing.


Data corruption is reduced dramatically with Webaccounting for the following reasons:
1. Careful consideration on the database used - Web Accounting uses the robust ‘Cache’ Database from Intersystems.
2. As the system is installed on the server machine only, workstations only request information needed and do not send all files to that machine.
This means if you lose your connection for whatever reason, nothing is lost except the last item not saved, so just log in again and continue.

Features & Functionality

Webaccounting’s architects utilised real business experience to merge accounting rules to business principles where possible.  A systematic logic to the design and layout of the package which takes account of the views of users, accountants and business owners.Webaccounting’s  “Core Modules” and “Add on Modules” are comprehensive. 


Accknowledge’s goal is to ensure that we sell and deliver as stable a product as possible, thereby dramatically reducing unnecessary support calls.
Accknowledge also aims to ensure that the Webaccounting software is user friendly and that users with basic accounting knowledge can operate the system.  Webaccounting also allows for very advanced accounting methods and processes.


Training is critical - Webaccounting does this by assisting clients to go ‘live’ as quickly as possible with real transaction and on the job training.  Accknowledge also does training workshops at client premises or at our training facilities.  There are also comprehensive training video files on how to work through the system.


We Consult with clients to establish and agree on the right package match.Setup of the initial package and a check sheet of what is being done and trained on is part of the initial cost. Low training costs with Web Accounting as we provide built-in training videos and our modules are intuitively similar, shortening the learning curve.


Implementation of the software is easy with Web Accounting as we only load software on the server machine.  No installations on every workstation!