Core Modules

We’ve standardized the screen layout through all the modules, making accessing and processing your accounting requirements a breeze, even if you’ve never used Webaccounting before.

In this Module we find all the creditor transactions. Of note is that an internal split between the General Ledger and Creditors Modules enables large companies to have a Creditors clerk/division to attend to creditor only transactions.


Creditor Setups
A unique feature is the easily accessible way the information is stored making the paperless environment becomes a reality. On setting up a Creditor, a customer profile can be set up including contacts within the company. Creditors may be aged by date of statement or date of invoice PER creditor. It also allows for attaching of documents ie, legal documents and photographs in any format including PDF, GIF, JPG, text or excel format.


Purchase Orders
Save time on recapturing, with this feature the system allows full process and flow of documentation with ease. Once purchase order are authorised, stock can be received. Then purchase order status is changed to Goods Received Voucher.


Goods Received Vouchers (GRV)
The system allows full process and flow of documentation with ease. This feature saves time because there is no need to recapture transactions When processing a GRV, no capture of duplicate supplier invoices allowed. The system forces a supplier invoice number to be captured against the GRV. With custom fields, users can attach a scanned supplier invoice.


Creditor Analysis
A unique feature is that duplicate stock is prevented from being entered into the system and the subsequent incorrect stock levels from being displayed on reports. Another is that when searching for original supplier invoices, documentation is easily accessible. A benefit is that it allows authorised users to view all transactions related to the supplier on one screen.


Detailed reports facilitating better business management is just one feature Various creditor reports graphically portray views of Goods Received Vouchers less Stock Returns over a period of time with a choice of intervals. Graphs can be produced as Line or Bar charts.


Stock Returns
This unique feature saves time and avoids mistakes because all the original GRV data is now available in the Stock Return note. By importing a GRV, when stock items need to be credited, the GRV can be converted into a Stock Return Note without having to recapture the content.