Core Modules

We’ve standardized the screen layout through all the modules, making accessing and processing your accounting requirements a breeze, even if you’ve never used Webaccounting before.

In this Module we find all the debtors transactions. Of note is that an internal split between the General Ledger and Debtors Modules enables large companies to have a Debtors clerk/division to attend to debtor only transactions. 

Debtor Setups
One of the features of the Debtors Module is that information is stored in such a way that the paperless environment becomes a reality. On setting up a Debtor, a customer profile can be set up to include contacts within the company. The system allows debtors to be aged by date of statement or date of invoice PER debtor. It also allows for attaching of documents ie, legal documents and photographs in any format including PDF, GIF, JPG, text or excel form at.

Another feature is the time saved on recapturing, the system controls a quote's status and allows for follow up's on orders processed and orders lost. When created, quotes go through an internal authorisation process before being sent to the customer. If the customer accepts the quote and then places an order, the quotes status changes to an invoice. All quotes are recorded and cannot be deleted except to be cancelled but then a reason needs to be put on the quote, improving sales management.

A unique feature is that the system does not allow for negative stock, but will allow the user to create pro forma invoices from the system. This ensures proper costing on sales and correct stock control as the application will not allow for negative stock

Debtor Analysis
Another unique feature is that Webaccounting allows the user to view all transactions related to a customer in one screen - view quotes, proforma invoices, allocations, cashbooks and journals. Resulting in ease of use and efficient time management

Another one of the features of the debtors module is that the reports show sales trends over any given period and helps reduce debtors days, which is what indicates customers buying patterns. All reports including detailed sales statistics can be viewed in a graphical format. There is also a Debtors graph which gives the user a graphically view of Invoices less Credit Notes over a period of time specifying intervals ie: daily, monthly, yearly etc.

Credit Notes
Unique to Webaccounting is that invoices needing to be credited can be directly imported into a Credit Note. This saves time because the process avoids recapturing the data.