Core Modules

We’ve standardized the screen layout through all the modules, making accessing and processing your accounting requirements a breeze, even if you’ve never used Webaccounting before.

The General Ledger Module allows the user to control all ledger accounts through Journals and Cashbooks.


General Ledger Module
A feature of the General Ledger is that it can be sold as a standalone module. The benefit of this, is that it's the ideal solution for small businesses wanting to save money and who only require journals, cashbooks and bank recon features

General Ledger Setup
The unlimited amount of tree levels is a unique feature that allows a reconciliation to contain many Add On accounts. Codes of ledger accounts can be changed even after the transactions have been posted. Once changed, the system will still retain a full account history. The benefit of unlimited tree levels, is that information can be easily accessed and analysed, eg. The company's phone bill can be broken down into several Add On accounts such as ADSL, fax, surcharges etc.

The authorisation process assists companies in correction of Journals before processing to books. On- going journal posting saves time The benefit is that journals are controlled via an authorisation process. A clerk can capture the transaction and the financial manager can release into the books after verifying the information. Journals can only be posted if they balance. Journals can be created on the fly without complicated set up for batches.

A unique feature with our Cashbooks is the improved financial control and reduction of errors as well as a split ledger account that allows for more detail in the cashbook eg: tax with Add On sections VAT The benefit is that cashbooks are controlled via an authorisation process. A user captures the transaction and the manager releases the transaction into the books after verifying the data.

Bank Recons
Most other applications require the user to print the bank reconciliation as this cannot be retrieved from the system. A unique feature with Webaccounting is that it retains cashbook balance and bank balance The benefit is that when saving, there is no need to print as the system stores a copy of the reconciliation for both standard bank recon print outs as well as what was reconciled.

Account Analysis
One of our unique features are the more detailed management reports, which enable better business
management. The benefit is that this allows for detailed analysing of all accounts. This feature then allows every ledger account to be analysed including output to line graphs and bar charts.

Financial Reports
A feature is the business analysis down to “book value" level. This ensures hands-on management. The benefit is that Management can pull financial ratio reports.