Company Profile

Webaccounting caters to both local and international businesses that require an accounting system that integrates with management principles.


The product that you know as Webaccounting is just one of the business management software’s that Accknowledge Systems develops, maintains and supplies to the business world.

Development began in 2002 with a comprehensive resource of developers and was released to the market in 2005. Market acceptance was immediate and Web accounting has grown from strength to strength.  


Staying True to our Goals

The original mission statement was to create a stable, secure, unrestrictive and expandable software accounting package that would be accepted in the marketplace. This necessitated that the software be been designed so that while it maintained its ability to handle complex accounting rules, that it remained easy to use.

Key to the success of Webaccounting is that the software has always incorporated both online, hosted (‘cloud’) and individual company intranet installation options.  The market has therefore accepted the Webaccounting software package.


Jumping through the hoops

The true test for any accounting software is when it is subjected to the rigours of auditing. Webaccounting has successfully endured the rigours of many audits by various companies emerging consistantly as a stable and reliable accounting software.


Cloud Accounting

We wanted software that could be accessed from anywhere in the world without having to have software loaded onto the client machine.  By not having installation software on the client machine and everything controlled on the server, there are no problems with changes in client operating systems as the system just requires the Internet Explorer  (“IE”) browser which comes as a default on the systems installed.


Smart Devices

With the cost of smart phones coming down year on year, webaccounting regularly releases free updates that allow comfortable and professional viewing of the software.



Accknowledge Systems has a Level Four B- BBEE Status with a Procurement Recognition Level of 100%.