Core Modules

We’ve standardized the screen layout through all the modules, making accessing and processing your accounting requirements a breeze, even if you’ve never used Webaccounting before.

The Inventory Module is feature rich, allowing detailed information on inventory items.  For example, multiple photos and specifications of inventory items can be recorded and emailed to prospective customers.


Stock Items
ONE stock item can have multiple suppliers with multiple cost prices and related supplier item codes. The benefit of this is that it allows for smarter purchasing of stock and tighter stock control. Inventory Setup When setting up a stock item, photographs, specifications and documentation can be attached. Specials can be implemented on the system via an expiry date. When expired, Webaccounting will automatically revert back to the original pricing. The benefit of this is that it ensures clear stock identification where products may have similar features and by reverting to the original pricing, the system ensures no unnecessary loss of revenue.

Stock Requests
Stock requests lead to Just-in-Tlme stock ordering and delivery saving time and money and is one of the unique features of the Inventory Module. With the added benefit of No re-capturing of data needed. In addition stock can be requested on the system and indicate a specific delivery date. All stock requests can be authorised and pulled into a purchase order. This ability is a unique to Webaccounting feature.

Stock Level Adjustments
In this area a user imports stock levels from CSV files and adjust stock levels on the fly. This unique feature allows users to work in Excel if required and then import data into Web Accounting.

Stock Takes
Stock takes can be performed by product group or by warehouse. In addition, once a stock take begins, the system freezes all stock in the product group or warehouse. This means Webaccounting will not allow for Invoices or Goods Received Vouchers to be processed until the stock take is complete ensuring stock accuracy.

Group Codes
Users can create group codes and Webaccounting also allows for advanced general ledger links for groups of items The benefit of this is that Group Codes facilitate quick sorting for stock take purposes and gives the user advanced reporting features in the general ledger as sales can be split into groups.

Supplier Price Lists
When receiving price lists from suppliers in an Excel format, users can import the price list via CSV files. Then from the supplier price list, this unique Webaccounting feature will update supplier cost price for relevant supplier. The benefit is that importing the supplier price list saves time re-capturing pricing and automatic updates of price changes ensure correct system pricing.

Price Enquiry
A quick reference to price, stock availability and serial numbers of items on the system price list. A quick picture and description of the item can be uploaded. Via the security features, different levels of users can be granted access to amend or see more information on each stock item. The benefit is that this saves time as users can access the system and check latest price enquiry date rather than duplicating price checks

Inventory Analysis
Within inventory analysis all movement of stock and cost pricing can be recorded. Which results in up to the minute analysis of inventory. This is a unique to Webaccounting feature.

Inventory Age Analysis
This unique feature lets you run an inventory age analysis of stock for stock assessment and track and analysis stock

Stock Types
Stock Types lets you setup various inventory types, such as:
Stock Items
Fixed Assets
The benefit being that you can isolate various types of stock for specific inductries