Earn 10% Commission From Each Sale you Refer
Our Partners are Making Hundreds of Rand's Month after Month

When you sign up as a referral partner, you get 10% of the Webaccounting products sold as a result of your referral…for the lifetime of that sales contract!!!! That’s right folks, you get 10% every month. We call it the “commission for life” principle. A business model that allows a business or individual to continue receiving commission so long as the end user continues using Webaccounting on the same contract.


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If you don’t register you wont earn commission when your friend or associate or Mom or Dad or Sister or their fortune 500 employer signs up as a direct result of your chat with them. Don’t make that mistake, sign up today, its free.


Earn Even More!

Yup, this could be your new career, but in order to step up to to the next level of 30% commission, you gotta buy the product yourself, at a discount of course. And then there's loads of terms and conditions so that everyone's clear on how it works and you become obligated to produce a certain number of sales to retain your discount. That's not all, if you then discover that you’re the next big thing in accounting software sales you could work your way up to an amazing 50% by becoming a Reseller. Check out the requirements here.

The Three Tiers

Tier Classification Abbreviation Commission
1st Year
2nd Year
Registration Fee Additional Costs
Tier 1

Referral Partner

Tier 2

Professional Partner

To be Advised
Tier 3

Reseller Partner

To be Advised
Training & End User Licence Pack

Please Note that Cache Database costs do not form part of the Commission or Discount Calculations or Licenece Fee