Partner Requirements

Pretty much everything you need to know about becoming a Referral Partner is summarized in the table below. Feel free to email or call us if you need to clarify any information.

  Referral Partner Professional Partner Reseller Partner
Qualification and Accreditation Critera
Registered as a Webaccounting partner
Licence Fees Up to Date  
Training Requirement
Qualified to perform Webaccounting software demonstrations.  
Qualified to deliver Introduction to Webaccounting Training  
Qualified to deliver Comprehensive Webaccounting Training    
Qualified as a Webaccounting Senior Consultant    
Upgrades Graduate    
Marketing and Sales Requirement
Source customers
Perform software demonstrations  
Complete End User Software Licence and Support Agreement  
Perform initial installation and setup    
Maintain sound relationship with end users    
Support Requirements
Nominate a minimum of 1 key support trainee for 01 days training    
Nominate a minimum of 1 key support trainee for 03 days training    
Provide all forms of technical and accounting support to the end user.    
Incentive Bonuses
Applicable to Tier 1 Only
Any RFP who concludes a sale of Webaccounting using the free tools provided by Webaccounting and without the assistance or involvement of Accknowledge Systems Staff shall receive a once off incentive bonus of 15% over and above the 10% lifetime referral fee.,Terms and Conditions apply.