Add On Modules

Adding Function, Adding Value, Saving You Time

Annuity Billing



Create contracts for annuity billing, define the contract period and type of billing period.

Setup your invoice templates and create the billing.  Automatically or manually process the invoices.  One change change invoices in the billing term manually.

Bill of Materials



Create recipes for manufacture of stock items.

Track raw material stock items in Work in Progress and complete manufacture of end product.

Case Lots



Create multiple stock items which can be brought into the system via a case lot or individual item.  

Create a case lot item in a purchase order and then upon receipt of the case split the items into multiple individual items.

Fixed Assets



This module allows one to track all your fixed assets via serial number tracking.  Serial number tracking module is essential when using this module.  You are able to GRV (Goods Received Voucher) your fixed assets via a Purchase Order, this updates your fixed asset ledger account and creates a fixed asset register for the fixed asset item.  Pictures can be attached to this register.  

Run fixed asset audits.




Setup your Time logs for consultants and technicians.

Setup Bulk emailing or smsing campaigns.

Create your support logs and manage technicians

Job Costing



A big feature is the true job costing and project management module of the system -this really works and will literally run your manufacturing or building process.

Manage costing against a job and compare values from Quote, Managed Job and Invoiced.

Invoice multiple invoices on one job and run Usage invoicing or Percentage invoicing.

This module saves time, money and allows you to run and manage your business in real time.




Manage Customers and Suppliers with multi-currency module.  Receive stock from overseas supplier, add in all shipping costs which is automatically calculated in the landed cost of the stock item.  Each transaction is managed with the actual exchange rate.  

Statements can be produced in the currency of the supplier or customer.

Manage foreign bank accounts via the cashbook.

Multi Warehousing



Stock can be controlled in various warehouses, manage stock in transit.

Move and manage stock at customers via serial number tracking.

Run stock takes per warehouse.

Serial Number Tracking



Track stock items through strict serial number control.

Track stock location to warehouses and customers.

Check on production warranty dates.

Point Of Sale



Process a sale and link payments

Process a credit note

Capture an invoice and forward this to a pay station

Quick capture of inventory items