Asset Tracker

Webaccounting Lite makes managing a small business easy

Everyone Wants You

Everywhere you look someone's offering free data storage. Operating systems make finding a file a breeze. But what happens if your hard drive crashes and you loose a few emails or what if you forget what the file was called or where it was stored and do you know exactly what server in Russia your passport documentation is sitting on? 

Tracking assets and important documentation at the office can also be challenging, staff changes, new systems, paperwork that gets misfiled or damaged can all make tracking your important documentation difficult.

At the end of the day safeguarding your information is your responsibility. Why then, not use a tool that’s designed in South Africa for the South African environment by a company that organizes and safeguards data for thousands of people on a daily basis.

A System that Works

Don’t waste time designing the perfect expandable filing system. We’ve already done it.

Can't Remember Where You Put It?

It’s well known that many of us tend to take longer to remember things as we mature. Asset Tracker asks you to record where you’ve stored the original/hardcopy document.

Home insurance asset list

Does the idea of presenting a comprehensive and accurate list of your assets to your insurance company fill you with dread? Insurance lists are just one of the cool features Asset Tracker provides.