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This is serious Stuff!


Important note for online accounts

As per the terms and conditions of Webaccounting we are permitted to cancel an account if payment has not been received within 30 days of due date.
This means that when a licence fee comes due for renewal and no payment is received that 30 days after the due date Webaccounting will take a backup of the company as is and close the online account.

Annual license fee versions

As per the terms and conditions of Webaccounting ALF (Annual Licence Fees) are due on the anniversary of the account. Where payment has not been received by due date, access to the account will cease pending payment. This however in no way absolves the account holder of their obligations.
Cancelling an ALF account can only happen to coincide with the anniversary of the account and must be given in writing a minimum of 30 days prior to the renewal date.

Re-installing a cancelled account

An admin fee of R285-00 including VAT will be charged over and above the monthly fee due where an online account has been cancelled and is then re-instated.
To re-instate an ALF account please contact our offices on our contact page.

Dormant accounts

No credits or refunds are given for company accounts that are not accessed. The contract shall form the entire agreement between both parties.