Clear internet cache

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Learn how to clear your Internet Cache for latest pages.

Clearing of Cache should be done when there's been an update to the Webaccounting software or when there are errors occurring. Clearing of Cache ensures that the pages that you are opening are the latest.

Every version of Internet explorer has a slightly different route to clearing its cache. Here are instructions for the most common version.

Internet Explorer Instructions

1. Open Internet Explorer, click on the Tools icon scroll down and click on Internet Options.


2. After you click on Internet options, the Internet options window will open. There's a Delete button towards the bottom. Click on it.


3. When the delete browsing history box opens, you will need to un-tick everything except for “Temporary Internet files and website files and Cookies and website data”. Once you've done that click on the Delete button.


4. The “Internet Options” box re-appears. Click on the apply button, a notice box will appear at the bottom of the page advising of completion, when that appears click the OK button

And that's all you have to do, to clear your Internet Cache