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Because Webaccounting is an Online Package, Upgrading and Maintaining is a simple process that only occurs on one machine.

In the case of the Online version the upgrade happens on our servers side. In the LAN versions case, it’s the same thing, except it happens on the clients server.

Online Version

The benefit of using our on-line version is that we do all the work for you when it comes to upgrades. To find out more about what we do behind the scenes please read through ‘Upgrading your LAN version of Webaccounting'

What will You Need to Do 
As an online user you will receive an email advising you that an upgrade has occurred. On receiving this email all you need to do is clear your Internet cache.
Special Note: Upgrades to the online version of Webaccounting do not access or affect your company data.


LAN Version

When it comes to your LAN version of Webaccounting there are two upgrade types to watch out for.
1) The most regular upgrades will be those to the accounting software.
2) The second upgrade happens about once a year and is classified as the Cache Upgrade.

Notes on Upgrading 
The regular upgrades are easy to install but we recommend that the authorized user who does it, follows the instructional guides when they install the upgrades.
The upgrades do not access or affect your company data. But we do recommend taking a backup of your company file as a precaution.
Because Cache is a critical component of your Webaccounting software we recommend that careful study of “how to upgrade” is made prior to starting the upgrade process to avoid complications caused by mistakes. Cache is the Database format that Webaccounting uses to store all your financial information.

Upgrade Costs
Please note that upgrades do not form part of the annual licence fee. Should you need the Webaccounting staff to perform the Upgrade for you then please be advised that it is a billable service. If you do not wish to be charged, then you would need to upgrade your Webaccounting on your own with our easy to follow instructions.

Latest Upgrade Version
Click here for a list of the latest upgrades available.

Remote Assistance
Webaccounting staff can assist you with your upgrade both in person or remotely. To get help remotely click here. Or go to our main support page and select one of the many contact and help options.


Maintenance Benefit

Remember the good old days when you had to upgrade to version 6.5.3 before you could upgrade to version 6.5.4? Oh wait that's still the case with many PC based software's. Why? Well because the tradition is to build a software where the data (what you capture) and the software processes and codes, are intertwined. So it’s crucial that you gently readjust your data one upgrade at a time if you don't want to corrupt it.
Not so with Webaccounting. With Webaccounting your data and the software code is separate. So you can jump through your upgrades any which way you want without any change to your data.