Frequently Asked Questions

Always Read the Fine Print

And ask lots of questions. If a product is right for you then its right for you. If its not, its not. Your accounting system is probably the most important software you’ll buy. Make sure it’s the right fit.

Web Accounting's origins date back to the late 1990's when the architect for Webaccounting realised the need for a software that was stable, accessible across a wide area and had business management tools. Once development started, it took 5 years before webaccounting was released to the public and in 2005 Webaccounting was registered as a South African company.

Web Accounting is a very secure product for various reasons, including: an access register that can be viewed by administrators; data stored on enterprise grade facilities; master control via a username and password.

No! Only if you want to access your system away from the office would you be required to have Internet access. This will then allow you to access your accounting from another country, a hotspot via your laptop or someone else's premises.

Yes. You can add fixed assets via a Goods Received Voucher (GRV), this then updates your fixed asset ledger accounts and pulls the fixed asset into a fixed asset register. Fixed assets are controlled with serial number tracking module.

Server requirements = Windows XP Pro and above. Workstations = Windows XP and above, plus the Browser should be Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher

Unlimited, we monitor users concurrently..

From single user - to SMME's - to large corporates. Web Accounting is a highly scaleable package.

Yes! We have regular training sessions which cover the basics of Web Accounting. There are also video training CDs for personalised training.

Yes! You have unlimited telephonic support as part of your LAN contract. Your dealer can also assist you onsite for support. You can also e-mail us for support.

Yes! From an e-mail server send: quotes, invoices, credit notes, customer statements, purchase orders, goods received notes, stock returns and statements.

Yes, there are two versions of the Point of Sale, contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

All documents are saved, checked and then can be posted into your books.

Yes! License fees are paid annually based on the anniversary of your contract.

Yes! Web Accounting has a video training session on each module.