Core Modules

We’ve standardized the screen layout through all the modules, making accessing and processing your accounting requirements a breeze, even if you’ve never used Webaccounting before.

In this Module resides all the main configurations and defaults for the system including control menus such as:Security / Backups / General Ledger Links /  / Branch Set up / Tax Tables / Employee Setups


A unique teature is that backups can be done while users are still in the system whereas other systems require scheduled down time to effect backups.
The benefit of this is that there is no scheduled down time. This unique feature saves time as backups are safely done during the day without having to log users out of the system. 

Many systems have security levels, however a unique feature of Webaccounting is that it can drill right down to limiting button access.
The benefit of this is that application security is implemented via user roles. The system controls security from a high level on full module access, down to menus where the user cannot access a particular button. Thus Company confidential information is protected and users can only access modules and screens within the application according to the security rights assigned to them. 

Software Updates 
A feature of Webaccounting is that it is always operational with the latest version and therefore latest features of Webaccounting 
License fees include software updates & telephonic support. 
Email notification of new version installed and features implemented is sent to users. 

Price Levels 
A unique feature is that whereas most other applications allow for only three(3) price levels. With Webaccounting you can create an unlimited amount of pricing sales structures. e.g. - Dealers, Supplier, End Users and many more. 
The LLr is that should a company require a wide range of pricing; the system will allow the user to set this up. 

Custom Fields
Most applications limit custom fields to 5 fields. A unique feature with Webaccounting is that it caters for an unlimited amount of custom fields.
Examples are:
Drop Down Menus
Text boxes
Text Areas
Check boxes
Horizontal Lines
The benefit of custom screens and tables means a company and its users can set up the application in a format best suited to their requirements.

When implementing a new exchange rate, most other systems will update transactions already in the system. A unique feature is that when doing business internationally, Webaccounting allows users to maintain the Debtors and Creditors accounts in foreign AND local currencies, as well as send invoices and statements in foreign currencies. The benefit of this is that by maintaining the individual rate of exchange used for each foreign exchange transaction AND the local currency equivalent, both the trial balance and financial statements at year-end will balance

A unique feature of Webaccounting is that within a multilingual company, an individual user can view the application screens in the language they are most comfortable with, within the same set of books. A standard feature of Webaccounting is the ability at start up to choose in which language the user would like to view application screens.

Language Options


Project Tracking
Most systems can only allocate ALL the costs to one project. A feature with Webaccounting is that it allows the user to allocate a project or combinations thereof to any document within the system. So combinations of projects can be created where a project is sharing 50% of the costs. The benefit of this is that a company can track all documentation associated with a project, as well as view the profit and loss per project.

A feature of Webaccounting is that Branches can only see their own Debtors, Creditors and Inventory items The benefit of this is that Webaccounting has the flexibility to have a multiple number of branches with one set of books. In addition reports can also be generated per branch or consolidated.

A feature of Webaccounting is that security levels can easily be changed by management, allowing or denying employees access to the system as appropriate. The benefit of this is that management has control of users, their access into the system, their passwords, photos, legal documents and control of leave can be done here within the application according to the security rights assigned to them.

User Reports
A unique feature in Webaccounting is that there is a report that delivers a detailed log of each user and where they have gone within the system, minute to minute.